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Dr Rebecca Feakes

Rebecca graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Osteopathy. Rebecca has always wanted to help people. From the age of five, she loved watching ER and envisioned herself as a surgeon or a doctor. During her early years, this dream evolved when she consistently accompanied her father to receive frequent Osteopathic treatments. She was intrigued by the holistic, caring, and empathetic nature of the profession and was amazed at the success Osteopathy had in helping her father. And it was this personal experience that awoke her passion and set-in motion her journey into Osteopathy.

Today, Rebecca is highly motivated to help her patients reach their health goals through Osteopathy. While at university, Rebecca also worked at several community clinics across the Yarra Valley and participated in a student exchange to the University College of Osteopathy in London.  During this time overseas, Rebecca gained very valuable experience treating and managing a variety of sporting related injuries, geriatric, and pregnancy-related complaints. These experiences have led Rebecca to love treating all types of conditions with a particular interest in pregnancy-related conditions, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, headaches and shoulder pain.

Outside of the clinic, you will find Rebecca keeping fit at pole dancing and aerial silks. She is constantly pushing her body to the extremes as she hangs upside down, flips and back bends into poses. Having done many performances and competitions, Rebecca is continually pushing herself to become a stronger athlete. When she is not doing pole or silks, you will find her somewhere in the gym, lifting weights, stretching, or participating in a Pilates class. Her passion for aerial fitness also inspires her to work with dancers, pole dancers, aerialists, and gymnasts.

Rebecca loves coming to work at Berwick Osteopathy because of the warm, caring, and supportive nature of the clinic. She can collaborate with a team of experienced and knowledgeable Osteopaths as well as get to provide a variety of treatments to help achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients.