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Health & Well-being Coaching


Our body has the most incredible innate ability to heal itself.  However, due to lifestyle factors, inherent weaknesses, stress and other factors, most people are living with sub-optimal health and at some stage in their life will develop a major chronic disease.


Health coaching provides us with a powerful tool to promote health and prevent disease rather than just managing symptoms and enables our body to reach its full health and healing potential.


Who will benefit from Health Coaching?

Everyone! Whether you suffer from a chronic disease, would like to lose weight, reduce pain, have more energy, or simply strive for optimal health, consulting with a health coach will help you achieve your individual health goals. 


What happens at my initial Health Coaching Consultation?

Firstly, we will discuss your health goals and your past/current health concerns.


Then, using the powerful tools of Iridology and Sclerology, we take photos of your eyes and together discuss the areas in your body that are in greatest need of care and nourishment.


We then discuss the 7 principles of health; Air, Water, Sunshine, Exercise, Wholefoods, Relationships and Passions and determine where you can make daily lifestyle habit improvements for you to regain control of your health.


Finally, we will develop a customised plan for you to follow to achieve your health goals and work towards your greatest health.  Advice includes implementing basic lifestyle changes such as the best whole foods for you to eat, the quantity and quality of water you should drink, the best exercises suited for your health goals, and how to reduce toxins in your life.


What is Iridology and Sclerology?

The eyes don’t lie….


Iridology is the science and art of looking at the iris, the coloured part of the eye, to help identify inherent weaknesses, areas of stress and congestion in the body and can be used to determine possible health problems before they arise.


Sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines in the sclera, the white part of the eye to help identify constitutional stress patterns and revealing the possible root of many health challenges.


Iridology and Sclerology combined can provide us with valuable information regarding your overall health status and can help to identify imbalances in the systems of the body and the possible root cause of your health challenges.


Would you like more information?

Please call to arrange a complimentary 15 minutes call or book your Initial Health Coaching Consultation for your eye photos, comprehensive assessment and customised health plan for you to work towards your health goals.

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