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Dr. Martin Ojea, Registered Senior Osteopath in Berwick, profile photograph

Dr. Martin Ojea

Before Martin began his Osteopathic career, he played sub-elite levels of soccer in Australia culminating in him going overseas to play. With big dreams of fame and fortune Martin found them to be very short lived - leading him down the road of many injuries and even major operations. Whilst the aspiration to play professional soccer quickly disappeared, he found his calling with Osteopathy.


Martin graduated from Victoria University, and whilst at university, he completed his Diploma in Remedial Massage. This led him to work for one of Melbourne largest and well recognised Sports Medicine Clinics as well as for the Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club (NBL). Martin's time at both ventures has given him significant direct experience and invaluable knowledge on the treatment of common soft tissue and sporting injuries.


Martin has first-hand understanding of being an injured athlete, struggling with the desire to play whilst being on the sidelines, as this gives him the ability to relate to and empathise with your urgency to get back on the field. Studying and always researching for the best rehabilitation/management methods available to get athletes and weekend warriors safely and quickly back on track, is a major priority for him.


After graduating from University, Martin became even more proficient with his Osteopathic skills and techniques after having been personally mentored by Dr Craig Russell, a highly regarded manipulative treating Osteopath. Because of the time spent with the Melbourne Tigers and Dr Russell’s privileged mentoring, Martin has a special interest in manipulative treatment of biomechanical malfunctions, particularly in neck and lower back injuries.


Aside from Martin’s previous mentioned experiences, he also completed his Certificate III & IV in Fitness and has worked as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 2009. Given his immense involvement in the fitness industry, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing gym injuries. Martin has the ability to redesign gym programs, to keep his clientele pursuing their health goals without missing precious time in the gym and despite of having niggling injuries.


Outside the clinic, Martin continues to train at the gym and runs group fitness classes for Fitness First as he prides himself on keeping fit. Aside from his passion in fitness and Osteopathy, Martin has also been lecturing Osteopathic students in advanced manipulative treatment both at Victoria University and RMIT for several years, as well as Personal Trainers and Remedial Massage Therapists for highly regarded private institutes.  

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