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Dr Laura Clifford

From the beginning, Laura always knew she wanted to help people, however was unsure as to how she envisioned this desire. Luckily for Laura, it wasn’t long before she found herself seeing an Osteopath for a niggling injury. The Osteopath helped Laura with her injury, by enabling her to move beyond pain and return to her very active lifestyle. Laura was so impressed with the outcomes of her treatment that she discovered a passion for Osteopathy and how becoming an Osteopath would fulfill her vision of helping people feel and move better throughout their lives.


Laura has been training and competing in gymnastics since she was four years old. She now coaches and judges recreational gymnastics competitions. Her exposure to gymnastics for so many years has given her a substantial understanding of a large variety of injuries and conditions. Aside from sports injuries, Laura has an interest in treating lower back, hip, pelvic-girdle and TMJ/jaw pain; nevertheless, Laura is up for any challenge so long as she is helping her patients.


Completing a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University, during her years as a student, Laura worked at a community clinic in an outreach centre for the homeless and disadvantaged where she assessed and treated a variety of people and conditions. Working with the disadvantaged, certainly helped Laura to develop a strong sense of empathy, enabling her to connect to her patients on a deeper level.


Outside of Osteopathy, Laura enjoys nothing more than walking her dog and being out in nature. She is an amateur crafter and baker which allows her to explore and nurture her creative flare. Laura is thrilled to be a part of Berwick Osteopathy, implementing not only her knowledge and skills into helping her patients but bringing a fresh new outlook on the practice.

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