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Dr. Tristan D'Souza, Registered Osteopath in Berwick, profile photograph

Dr. Tristan D'Souza

Tristan graduated from Victoria University, where he accomplished his Master of Health Science in Osteopathy and his Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy). Tristan's learning was fostered by his relationships with clinicians and his experience treating through community clinics over the past three years.

Whilst completing his studies at university, Tristan had to differ for six months as he was diagnosed with a medical illness. It was during that time when Tristan was able to experience first-hand the benefits of receiving treatment from a well encompassed healthcare team, ranging from his medical Doctor to his Osteopath. This awareness sparked a profound desire in Tristan making him realise he would be able to utilise his osteopathic skills to benefit all his patients in the same way it benefitted him.

As an Osteopath and accredited sports nutritionist, Tristan endeavours to deliver a holistic care approach that would allow him to fulfil his vision of helping people feel and move better throughout their lives. Tristan’s has a keen interest in treating any condition ranging from minor aches and pains to chronic situations. He believes that there is no one size fits all in Osteopathy and that the ideal treatment involves the full committed participation of the patient and the practitioner.


Tristan has chosen to work with Berwick Osteopathy because of their culture and high standards. He believes a treatment commences from the moment you enter the clinic to the time you leave the door step. The well respected and recognised team of clinicians working at the clinic alongside with the warm and friendly reception staff are a perfect exemplar of this care. And with all this support Tristan knows he can confidently ascertain the best outcomes for his patients.


Outside of work, you will most likely find Tristan training and doing his best to stay fit and healthy. And while in the past Tristan was competing at an Elite level in tennis, these days if you don’t find him at the clinic or in the gym, you will find him deep in the books improving his knowledge and skills to benefit his patients.

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