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Dr Steven Eskaf


Steven graduated from Victoria University with a Master’s in Health Science (Osteopathy) and a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy). During his time at University he has been able to treat in a variety of clinics from Hospitals in India to Drug and Rehab Clinics in Melbourne.


Steven has been a personal trainer for almost 10 years and helps individuals transform their lives all across Australia as an Online Personal Trainer. He is also a qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor and has been working as a local instructor since 2015. 


Steven prioritises continual learning and “sharpening the saw” and will be completing his internship at Berwick Osteopathy under the mentorship of Martin Ojea and the rest of the Berwick Osteopathy team. He has a keen interest in movement and has completed a number of courses and workshops on movement screening and exercise prescription and rehabilitation. 


Through his time at University, Steven has developed a keen interest in research and spends way too much time on Google Scholar. If you have any questions related to fitness, health or the human body, Steven is will be able to break down the science for you. 


Steven’s story begins when he was a teenager. He was overweight, unfit and unhappy with his body. After a family event, he has a wake-up call and decided that he wanted to be able to move and enjoy his body. 


He spent years learning, testing and eventually transforming his body. He soon became a personal trainer to help others who were in a similar situation to him not only transform their bodies but improve their health. In the pursuit to encourage more people to prioritise their health, Steven found Osteopathy. 


Steven is highly active and has an interest in sport-related injuries. He has trained hundreds of individuals both face-to-face and online and is able to modify training plans to cater to your specific goals. Steven embodies a holistic approach and will work with you to create a plan to overcome your challenges and work with you to built health and wellness in your life. 


Steven loves puzzles and mechanical systems and looks at the body in the same way. Why do we need to bend here, what happens if we don’t rotate there? With Steven’s movement background and his keen eye, you will leave the treatment with more freedom to move.  


Growing up in Berwick and the surrounding suburbs, Steven loves the Berwick Community. He thinks that it’s important to surround yourself with the best in professionals in the industry so that you can continue to develop your skills.


When Steven is not helping others improve their health, you will more than likely find him in the gym, reading a book or making up new jokes. As stated before, Steven loves a good puzzle and little nick nacks and will take you up on a game of Chess. Steven is always finding new challenges to tackle, so ask him about his latest adventures.

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